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BigBrother has a strong culture of its own. We are proud, hardworking, positive, innovative, but also sober, practical and direct. And together we want the maximum for our customers. We are a young organization with an average age of 33 years. A close-knit club, because that's how it feels, with a great diversity of people. Who dare to address each other and reinforce each other. Everyone is important. Because we know that together we are better than alone. We have one thing in common: we are ambitious and, in fact, we are all professionals.


Smart, smarter, smartest!

What is the product that makes our customers so happy? That is the world's smartest data-driven camera system! Smart because it can link camera images to transaction data, technical reports, alarms and customer information. Companies today want to have insight into everything that has an impact on the business of tomorrow and that is what our product provides. We work for the best brands such as Shell, Total, Q8, ESSO, Bijenkorf, Hanos and a large number of large construction and supermarkets are among our customers. And we are proud of that. Our emphasis is on security, but while innovating our possibilities are increasing. We offer operational excellence: greater safety, more insight and control, time savings and a better customer experience.

Our core values


Social involvement

Our work starts with safety, we are always aware that our craftsmanship protects human lives and goods. From there it is only a small step towards attention for the environment. By deploying our technology, we offer customers remote insight into all processes at multiple locations. This allows them to remedy problems centrally and remotely. This saves the entrepreneur with multiple locations (sometimes as many as 500!) Many journeys, and the world a lot of emissions of harmful substances.

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