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All of our 100 colleagues have one goal in mind: to be ‘eye-opening’ partners to our customers. Thanks to our innovations, our products, our service and thanks to who we are. A dynamic club of people who take pride in dedicating their skills and ambitions to the best possible service. By focusing on the personal growth of all BigBrothers, we foster everyone’s true potential. That’s how our company grows. And that is why we are now actively looking to hire new colleagues.

Career at BigBrother?

We are a Dutch company with international ambitions. Our offices are based in Belgium (Antwerp), Romania (Cluj) and the Netherlands (Ede), where BigBrother was founded 25 years ago. Today we are a team of 100 committed and enthusiastic colleagues who further the development of our own, innovative product, which currently operates at over 6,000 customer locations.


What’s it like to work at BigBrother?

We could tell you a lot about ourselves, but we prefer to let our employees have their say.


BigBrother has a strong individual company culture. We are proud, hard-working professionals, positive and innovative, but also down to earth, practical and direct. Obtaining top results for our customers is what unites us. The average age of our employees being 33, we are also a young organisation. A close-knit club, that’s what it feels like, uniting people of many different backgrounds. Who dare to speak out and boost each other’s potential in doing so. Everyone is important. Because we know we perform better together than alone. We have one thing in common: we are ambitious and, in all honesty, we’re all professional geeks.

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Social commitment

Our work starts with safety. We are always mindful that our craftsmanship protects people’s lives and property. At the same time, we commit ourselves to run our business with respect of the environment. Our technology allows customers to monitor all processes at multiple locations from a distance. Problems can be solved centrally without the need to be present at the location itself. This saves entrepreneurs who supervise multiple locations (sometimes as many as 500!) several hours of travel, and it saves the world from numerous emissions of harmful substances.

Moving forward together



Of course you always want to get better at what you do. And when you get better, so do we! Exploring opportunities for professional and personal coaching is important to us. That’s why we’ve set up our own BigBrother Academy with multiple programmes on offer to our employees: a business game, Harvard negotiating techniques and debating skills sessions. These programmes are open to all, with tasty snacks and drinks to wrap up a day of training.

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BigBrother takes part in all major national and international trade fairs. We also organise our own business event of the year, the FuelDay for Retail, which hosts major international speakers who inform customers and associates of innovations in the Petrol and Retail market.


More than just work

Hard work is rewarded. We like to end our working week on an enjoyable note with a Friday afternoon drink. Memorable staff outings are also organised for all company staff, and “Sinterklaas” and family summer barbeques are regular events. Our annual Christmas dinner is the time of the year to look back and celebrate our successes!

Any questions? Ask us!

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