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Are you our new software engineer?

Do you want to work on the world's smartest camera system and with your craftsmanship provide our customers with a secure feeling? As a software engineer you are responsible for the core of our business; our PumpWatch and StoreWatch platforms. Do you want to work in a diverse team? Our Innovation & Technology team is spread across Europe and focused on the team effort.

This is you

  • A true professional with a passion for technology

  • Enthusiastic about our unique product

  • Accurate and demanding in your work

  • Crazy about Python, PostgreSQL, Websockets or IP Camera’s

  • Keen on quality of software, testing your own code automatically

You got this

  • Bachelor level working and thinking level, Master level is a pre

  • A good dose of curiosity and ambition

  • At least 5 years of relevant experience in software development

  • Specific knowledge of video streaming and processing is a pre

You get this

  • Good salary and other employment conditions

  • Experience in an international environment

  • Technical challenges and diverse development works

  • 25 vacation days

What do your future colleagues say about BigBrother?



Backend developer


Full stack developer

Why did you choose our company?

I chose BigBrother because the company employs many different techniques that suit me. I also had many good conversations when I was hired and this gave me a clear idea of how BigBrother functions as a company and whether I would fit in.

What advice would you give your future colleagues?
My advice actually captures my best experience: be true to yourself and grab any opportunities that come your way!. 

What makes your work interesting? 

It’s interesting to be involved in new developments. And to improve our product every day to create a TOP-NOTCH product in the future. The work is also very interesting because the product allows us to serve various markets.

What does BigBrother mean to you?

After my graduation internship, I continued to work at BigBrother. I’m currently working on PumpWatch. Over the 4 years that I’ve been employed at the company, BigBrother has been a tremendous help to make my Olympic dream come true. BigBrother gives me the space and flexibility I need to fulfil my sporting career. I think there are very few employers that allow you to complete so many training sessions in addition to your work. I am very grateful to BigBrother for that.

What makes working on our product interesting to you?
PumpWatch is a unique and incredibly interesting product. I find challenges in several frontend and backend features. I think about how the customer’s work can be facilitated and how we can solve his problems. 

What are you most proud of? 

I am most proud of PumpWatch. How our product manages to help our customers and has an impact on their daily work.

Are you the new colleague we need?
Apply quickly!

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